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Power sequency controller 8 channel with RS-232 ARTONE audio PAS-6102

The 8 channel power sequence controller PAS-6102 is a smart device for meeting room and conference sound system, it gives 8 channel 220-240V power supply and sustain 30A for each channel.Full protection for shortcircuit and overload. It is RS232 compatible, makes it useful in smart control system.
  • Model:Power Sequency Controller PAS-6102
  • Power:30A / Channel
  • Function:10 Channel Power Supply, 8 Channel with switch, RS-232 compatible

Power sequency controller PAS-6102 is a 8 channel 220V electricity RS-232 controllable device for sound system project.

The ARTONE PAS-6102 is designed in 1U rack mount size, with 10 universal power sockets for 220-230V power output, 8 of which is switchable ON/OFF, each channel supports 30A electricity power. LED indicator on rear panel gives clear working status. Front large screen display current power information. The USB connector allows devices grouped use together in the complete system.

It is safe to use power sequence controller PAS-6102, it equipped with air switch to prevent controller go faulty from shortcircuit or overload. In order to avoid wrong operation, there is a password setting can be preset.

Protocol RS-232 makes it more convenient to use with smart control system for meeting room or conference system.


  • Rackmount 1U design for cabinet;
  • Total 10 channel 220-240V electric power supply;
  • 8 power channel switch on front panel;
  • 30A electricity for each power channel;
  • Large front screen and rear LED light indicator and show current information;
  • Complete protection from shorcircuit and overload with filter and air switch protection



8 Channel 220V Power Sequence Controller PAS-6102

Power Channel

Total 10 channel power supply, 8 channel with switches

Power Supply

30A for each channel

Protection Interval Time

1 second


BUS 232

Power Input

AC220-240V  50/60Hz


Filter, air switch protection for shortcircuit and electric overload


485 x 260 x 44 mm

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