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100W Desktop 2CH Small Mixing PA Amplifier KPA-468 with Bluetooth

Desktop small stereo mixing audio amplifier KPA-468 is a 2-CH compact design 100W PA amplifier, it has built-in MP3 player USB, SD card, FM tuner and Bluetooth, there are 3 AUX inputs and 2 microphone available, big LED display indicator for player status. The mini amplifier delivers high quality of stereo music and L/R balance controllable. Speaker output low impedance 4~16 ohm. Power supply in AC and DC 12V.
  • Model:Small Desktop 100W Stereo Bluetooth Amplifier with DC power KPA-468
  • Power:100w / 50w x 2
  • Function:USB, SD, Fm tuner, Bluetooth, balance control, AC & DC control, 2 Mics & 3 AUX

100W Desktop Small 2 Channel Mixing Audio PA Amplifier with Bluetooth KPA-468

ARTONE desktop mini mixing pa amplifier KPA-468 is a compact design two channel mixing audio booster, come with good power up to 100W that is able to drive common use small to big loudspeaker from 2 inch speaker to 8 inch speakers.

The KPA-468 amplifier has integrated player of MP3 and Bluetooth, the wireless playback is available from cell phone or laptop Bluetooth device. The big LED screen display shows USB, SD, FM tuner or Bluetooth status. High quality of stereo sound is given to the audio system, and make adjustment on treble, bass volume control both for microphone and music. It is able to make balance control for left and right channel to get desired mixer sound.

Besides built-in media player, the stereo amplifier KPA-468 support 3 external AUX inputs, and allows 2 mics for talk and singing. Moreover, DC12V power supply is available for supplement of PA sound system.


- Small and compact design desktop audio amplifier;

- Output 100W power to a pair of speakers in low impedance;

- High quality of stereo sound (50W x 2);

- Built-in USB, SD slot, FM tuner and Bluetooth;

- Treble, bass, volume control for 2 microphones;

- Balance, treble and bass control for music;

- Master volume control for total output;

- Line out RCA;

- Switch among inputs of AUX1, AUX2, AUX3 and media player (USB/SD/FM radio/Bluetooth);

- Power supply AC 220~230V 50/60Hz and DC12V supply backup;

- IR remote control for integrated media player


Product Name 100W Small Desktop Stereo Mixing Amplifier KPA-468
Built-in Media USB, SD card slot, FM tuner & Bluetooth
Speaker Output Stereo 50W x 2
Impedance 4~16 ohm
Frequency Response 70~18KHz
THD < 0.01%
S/N Ratio > 70dB
Inputs 2 Mic (6.3mm) & 3 AUX (RCA) imped. 10K ohm
Measurement 270 x 250 x 88 mm
Weight 5.5 kg

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